Pokémon GO – Top game 2016 make by UNITY 3D

Virtual reality Pokemon GO
Virtual reality Pokemon GO

What technology using to develop Pokemon GO?

Virtual reality technology: which you can make a game like Pokemon GO

Unity 3D: Maker of Pokemon Go Engine

Virtual reality Pokemon GO
Virtual reality Pokemon GO
pokemon go source code unity
Pokemon GO source code unity

From this moment, you can easily download and install this game for both two mobile platforms iOS and Android. To get the best overview of GMO blockbuster in 2016, herewith the post about detailed instructions of Gamek GO Pokemon.

1. World Map
When you open the application and start to move to different places, in fact, this app will show you a cartoon version of the map Goofle. You can see the road, buildings, or Pokestops gym … When you move, your avatar will move to the corresponding position. If accidentally see a Pokemon on the road, catch them quickly.
These sub-critical items on the home screen:
– Avatar: The protagonist of you. When start playing the game, you can choose the gender, skin color, hair, clothes, hats, shoes …
– Icon player: At the bottom right of the screen, there is an icon player. If you click this icon, you can view the basic information about your character
– Backpack: This is the place to contain all of your belongings
– Pokedex: information center of all the Pokemon that you have captured
– Pokemon Nearby: Located in the right bottom of the screen. This would be notify you that there is some Pokemon nearby.

2. Team
When playing the game, you will be able to select one of three Pokemon teams inclusive of : Team Blue (Pokémon Blue), Team Red (Pokemon Red) and yellow team (Pokémon Yellow). Participation in different teams does not affect the ability to capture Pokemon (all players have same rate to catch Pokemon , no matter which team). Like the selection of the national guild or in the online roleplaying game, selected features will help you join the team in a community with a common striving towards.

3. Pokemon
Over the past decade, Pokemons have become close friends of millions of children over the world. With the fully recreation of a hundred kinds of Pokemon are available on the Nintendo DS. Pokemon GO will bring you a world of extremely diverse Pokemons.
Each geographical region of the world is characterized Pokemon species, including rare or legendary Pokemon. So be hard to hunt and gather around your Pokemon around you. In some great days, it is probably that you will find a legendary Pokemon on a park bench.

4. Pokestops
Pokestops is where you can collect more items such as pokemon eggs, balls and experiences to level up your pokemons. If you are in range of a Pokestop, you will be challenged with questions related to Pokemon. If your answer corrects, you will have an opportunity to receive an attractive prizes and practical.
Note that Pokestops usually placed at iconic locations of each region (eg in Hanoi, it may be Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake). Also, Pokestops will never be placed in non-public places such as prohibited government areas or houses.

5. Getting Pokemon
Once you’ve mastered the basics, the next thing you should do is hunting for powerful Pokemons. Pokemons can appear in anywhere, from the street, between lakes, porch, stairs, corridors, or even … in the toilet. Therefore, whenever you have free time, you can turn up and search Pokemon surroundings. Or, if possible, keep your phone nearby all times to not miss any rare Pokemon .
There is another point that when Pokemons appear in a position, it will not disappear immediately when someone is arrested. This means that in the same period of time, many players can catch the same Pokemon in the same location.

6. Items
Similar to many other games, items are the things needed and required to use in the process of participating in the game. For example, You will need Poke Ball to catch Pokemon, Pokemon medicine to heal pokemons after the battle or drugs to wake Pokemon after a failure defeat at the gym.
In the current version, these items will be provided daily by Professor Oak (an NPC of the game). However when the game is started to enter to the” open beta”, this can be changed. Pokestops is the most abundant Source to supply items.

7. Pokemon Eggs and Nursery
When going into a Pokestops, you may luckily get a Pokemon egg. With these eggs, you can let it hatch to be a complete Pokemon. When starting the game, you will only have a single egg incubator (you can buy more during the game). And The only way to get more eggs are collect them in the Pokestops.

8. Gyms
Like Pokestops, Gym room will be located in the real locations. Here, you can use your Pokemon to challenge other players. Each Gym will be marked by the color of the team (green, red, yellow). When enter to the allied room that same team with you, you will be provided with training features to enhance the strength of Pokemon. Conversely, if enter to opposite teams, you will have to fight with the other Pokemons to take the gym.

9. The Pokemon evolution
Pokemon GO Evolution will not resemble with any previous app. In this game, the Pokémon will not evolve based on the accumulated experience of combating or training. Instead, evolution is only occurred when you reconcile the copies of Pokemons. Once you collect enough copies of a particular type of Pokemon, you’ll be able to evolve them. Candy and Stardust is the essential items in the process of evolution.

10. Increase the level of the players
When exploring the Pokestops or fighting in the gym, the players will be able to gain experiences to level up. With the first five levels, characters will be able to unlock the Pokeballs with higher quality. High-level characters will help you to achieve better efficiency in the process of Pokemon training.
In addition, character level is also a priority criteria to use gyms room (of course it is only applied in allies gyms, for opposite gyms, you will still have to fight for the right to use).

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